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Healthcare Organization
One thing we have learned, while working with the many health care organizations over the years, is that discharge teams value agencies that make their jobs easier. Agencies that resolve their problems not create new ones.

For Total Care Nursing Services, it required a commitment to service flexibility, responsiveness and a proactive approach to clinical management.

Service Flexibility
Our service flexibility, or the ability to accept and manage many different types of cases, is a key to the successful partnerships we have with the many facilities we serve.

Our Intermittent Care Services department provides skilled nursing and therapy service for our Medicare and Medi-Cal patients. And our Extended Care Services department expands upon that with private duty nursing services and ancillary services through our vendor network.

We have also secured multiple contracts with hospitals groups, medical facilities, and Independent Physician Association (IPA) to provide services for their managed care patients through our Managed Care Operations.

How quickly we can respond and address potential problems is another important attribute when working with larger health care providers. Our service range, coupled with our impressive roster of nurses and therapist translates to extremely quick response times.

Clinical Management
Our clinical management team has a considerable amount of management- level experience with many of the hospitals and acute care facilities in the city. Their in-depth knowledge of most standard discharge procedures and their objectives helped us develop a more responsive intake process.

In fact, our home health admission procedures begin before our patients are discharged from the hospital to help make the transition to their home more comfortable. Ideally, our process reinforces your facilities post-hospital care instructions and is the first step to help prevent avoidable readmissions.

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